Wining Souls, Waging Peace, Fighting Poverty, Reaping Inclusive & Shared Prosperity

He has given freely to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted in honor (Psalms112:9)

Our Work

The Samuel Niiwo Center responds to the world’s worst poverty conditions, a cute vulnerability and humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered to survive, recover and gain control of their future. Currently working in Africa in more than three countries, our dedicated teams provide clean water, shelter, health care, education and empowerment support to children, youth, women and refugees and displaced people. Here are highlights of our impact over the last years;

From 2014 to date, through Samuel Niiwo Center’s specialized institute, the Uganda National Entrepreneurship Development Institute (UNEDI) and our program partners, the center has been able to;

  • Provided financial literacy and entrepreneurship education to 250,000 households in central Uganda in the districts of Lwengo, Gomba and Kampala respectively
  • 500 village savings and credit Associations under financial inclusion through savings and village enterprise Finsave Model were developed and supported
  • Participants of FINSAVE saved a tune of USD 2 million
  • 20 young women and men through SNC’s Shepherd Global Foundation Fellowship Program have been mentored and have started over 20 social enterprises helping hundreds of vulnerable communities. Meet our fellows under shepherd Global Foundation Fellowship
    • Priscilla Kusuro head of STTI
    • Praise Nalubwama head of YAI
    • Rehema Nandongo head of BUWEF
    • Racheal Kyeru head of UYA
    • Bonny Mumbiazalwa head of BUSU
    • Aboth Grace head of GAVERN
    • Doris Akamphera Bukenya head WIMI
  • Trained 200,000people on child protection, gender-based violence and protection principles, and service delivery.

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He has given freely to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted in honor (Psalms112:9)