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He has given freely to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted in honor (Psalms112:9)


 The SNC’s agriculture programs address hunger challenges by reducing food insecurity and increasing household incomes. Our program focus is on advancing broad-based economic growth and food security by working comprehensively in specific crops and on improving nutrition, especially among the most vulnerable populations. Our interventions are aligned with the specific country’s Agricultural Sector Strategic Plans. In Africa where we currently work, our intervention are carried out through a comprehensive program known as Africa Growth through Rural Inclusiveness in Sustainable Agribusiness Value-chains and Entrepreneurship (AGRISAVE) 

AGRISAVE is the vehicle by which we invest more in agricultural value chains that have the greatest market potential, nutritional benefits and income potential for farming households. We basically work to transform subsistence farms into more commercial operations. SNC also works towards increasing farmers’ skills in improved production, post-harvest handling and storage technologies including agricultural research and promoting biotechnology products aimed at improving the productivity and disease resistance of key food and cash crops. 

In addition, SNC’s programs focus on creating trade linkages and on making products more competitive in national, regional and international markets. Our training for farmers and agriculture dealers develop their business skills and technical capacity to increase their participation in national and regional trade. They also provide expertise to expand agricultural production, extension services to farmer associations, bulk marketing techniques and nutrition counseling to communities. 

SNC supports efforts and works with rural households’ farmers in viable agribusiness enterprises for sustainable food security and incomes. We deploy both financial and non-financial services towards; identifying and developing agricultural value chains amongst farmers including value addition, support provision of market information to groups, assisting farming communities to access viable markets, promoting agricultural extension among farmers’ associations/groups, support farmer friendly agricultural financial services, promoting agricultural trade shows and exhibitions, establishing post-harvest handling infrastructure at local level and establishing linkages with quality input suppliers. Donate today   

How you can help?

Here are a few examples:

  • $1500

    will provide a village group of 30 members with one Ox plough farm tools and improved farming training, towards sustainable food security for an entire life time.
  • $200

    can provide training to one family and buy them a mature pure Boer Billy goat for breeding.
  • $100

    can start 50 bird  poultry farm of  local birds with training
  • $50

    will provide seedlings for a family to be able to plant in the nest season

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He has given freely to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted in honor (Psalms112:9)