Wining Souls, Waging Peace, Fighting Poverty, Reaping Inclusive & Shared Prosperity

He has given freely to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted in honor (Psalms112:9)


 As ministry we always have projects that are not yet carried out into practice, yet they are already planned. This is because God puts new projects and plans piece by piece and bit by bit on Samuel Niiwo and the team's heart. 

For these projects we are also very thankful to be supported with donations in advance so that the building process can be started sooner than later. Of course we do also need a lot of prayer for all these plans to be realized! Also for this kind of support we are very grateful.​

A few of these 'planned projects' were maybe already mentioned or talked about at one or the other occasion with our team leader teach  Samuel Niiwo  or through other channels, yet others were not. This is why on this page we would like to introduce and present all our planned projects for the coming years. 

  1. Blessed Life Schools International (BLISI)

Blessed Life Schools International (BLISI) is core education project development comprised of Early Childhood Development Centers, Primary Schools, Secondary schools and Universities education projects by the Samuel Niiwo Center. Our plan is to build the best Christian schools in Africa that are capable of providing sound and quality education, nutritional food security and health car. We will need the support of many of you precious people of God, sponsors, friends and the community. This will not be the work of one person, it will be the work of Team Jesus (people the Lord will draw to the project) as sponsors of children, sponsors of construction work, health care and medical teams, missionaries and volunteers visiting to teach various subjects or work with children and the community. 

In order to support these children, BLISI project has developed a community involvement through cooperative society development as a way of empowering schools surrounding communities particularly the vulnerable and child mothers with skills to earn income on the farm and in the market. Focus will be placed on Maize and Vegetable growing, Poultry keeping, Dairy farming, financial savings and credit scheme for women around our BLISI Site projects development. 

We believe every child has value to society and every child in crisis is entitled to treatment, protection, and the chance to develop to his or her full human potential. As Christin community schools, we will maintain family involvement in meeting the cultural, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the child. Our Children at our Schools will be usually needy orphaned and vulnerable kids, once they are with us the services we provide are treatment oriented and trauma care informed. Each of these children faces serious barriers to success. They come to us with serious mental health and behavioral challenges. They come to us abused, neglected and afraid. They come to us without hope. While some have loving families that just don’t know how to help their children get through these difficult days, many of them have not experienced childhood in the way that most people do experience. 

Our Mission

 The mission to raise up the next generation of Christian leader with biblical morals and values. Our goal is to provide the love of Jesus, education, nutritional food security and healthcare to disadvantaged children in a safe and conducive learning environment. We aspire to help these children develop the desire to be challenged, a sense of independence and self-confidence, and most important, a love of learning that will set a strong Godly foundation for their future. 

Our Vision

 A world where all children are nurtured to discover and live in truth, cultivate and apply their natural gifts 

  • Current Project Site and Construction


  • Dawn ElBethel University managed by BLISI Board (Planned for 20000 students in total, starting with 1000-2000 full sponsored students in Agricultural professional, Engineering, Biblical studies and Nursing and Midwifery ) --> LAND ACQUISITION  BUILDING PROCESS 2019–2021 
  • Blessed Life Schools International – Lumuli Kindergarten and Primary School ( Planned for 2000 Pupils in total but starting with full sponsored 500-700 pupils) 
  • Dawn El Bethel Agricultural project in Buyende (forests shall be planted and the Israeli water-drip-system shall be installed, for making the soil watery and fruitful. Thereafter following, planting agricultural fields with various crops and vegetables for trainings in agriculture)  
  • Africa Residence Inns and Cottages: Self-contained units for long-term-visitors and Volunteers --> 120 Units to be build STARTING NOVEMBER 2020


He has given freely to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted in honor (Psalms112:9)