SNCs’ work in sustainable development is rich with promise and idealism provided by God’s love. Our work also requires practical decision making, often in challenging and time-sensitive environments. Applying our Standards of Ministry Business Conduct, Living Our Values, maintains our commitment to integrity. The Standards include 10 fundamental principles that drive the way we serve our clients, partners, and beneficiaries around the world. They explain the organization’s expectations and provide guidance on the right course of action.

SNC Ministry Standards and Best Practices apply to all employees and Volunteers worldwide, the board of directors, consultants, authorized representatives, and all others acting on behalf of SNC. All SNC employees, Volunteers and representatives are responsible for upholding our standards of conduct, for making decisions with integrity, and doing the right thing.

Standards of ministry best practices Conduct

Our ministry Business Conduct Program

SNC’s ministry best practice conduct program:

  • Promotes honest and responsible business practices;
  • Educates and trains employees, Volunteers on Ministry policies and procedures regarding ethical business conduct;
  • Assists employees in obtaining guidance and resolving questions regarding compliance with the Ministry standards of business conduct and SNC Values;
  • Responds to claims of misconduct or violations of our policies, Values, and Standards;
  • Ensures that activities are conducted in accordance with applicable Faith, Laws and Regulations.

We strive to maintain a proactive approach to managing risks and responding to service conduct inquiries and concerns. The ministry service best practice conduct program is managed by the SNC’s Ministry Ethics Officer, and supported by the Office of Ministry standards Conduct. This group increases awareness of business integrity issues in our international ministry development work and fosters an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct. Under the direction of the Ethics Officer, it serves as a resource for employees, volunteers, clients, and partners to ask questions or express concerns about the way SNC does ministry work business, and works to incorporate lessons learned and corrective actions into our ministry best practices. ​

Modern Day Slavery and Anti-Human Trafficking

SNC has committed to protecting the safety, security, and well-being of staff, partners, and beneficiaries as our top priority. Our safeguarding program is anchored by a strong organizational culture of integrity, a comprehensive code of conduct, and industry leading practices for ethics and compliance. Please read our Modern Day Slavery and Anti-Human Trafficking Statement to learn more.

SNC Helpline

Employees, Volunteers, partners, clients, and other individuals can contact the Office of Ministry Best Practice Conduct regarding questions or possible violations of SNCs’ standards, ministry policies, or government laws and regulations.

  • The HelpLine is accessible from overseas and can be reached any time at:
  • Online:
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone/Skype: +256772370210
  • Click herefor further guidance on how to report ministry best practice conduct concerns.